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Reliable Natural Stone Sales and Installation in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec

As a leading distributor of bricks and stones, St Denis Briques & Pierres-Bricks & Stones Inc sells remarkable stone collections of natural limestone, sandstone, quartzite and more. We provide natural stone sales and installation in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec, and are also equipped to answer your repair needs. Stone gives your architecture a timeless look, which is achieved through the extraordinary quality, craftsmanship, and value of the material used.

Each and every stone in our inventory has its own colour and texture so that you can be assured of achieving a truly unique design in your project. Only natural stones can turn any ordinary yard into a work of art by giving your structures a depth and richness exclusively found in stones. Call us to discuss your project and natural stone requirements.

Our Most Popular Products

Our artistic natural stone collection makes for an exquisite structural appearance. We have products available in diverse patterns, textures, and variegated colours. Whether you aim to use natural stones as the accent or the primary material in your project, you can depend on our experienced craftsmen to assemble all the components to build your dream architecture to perfection. We have a large inventory of natural stone, we are able to respond to your request quickly for your needs and projects.

Here are our popular products:

Vertical flagstone

Vertical flagstone

Stone slabs

Slab materials

Irregular flagstone

Irregular flagstone

Wall stone

Wall stone

Deco Stone

Choose from our low-maintenance, high-quality stone collection for your decorative hardscapes. We carry products from reputed brands and offer products in varying sizes, styles, and rich earth-tone colours.

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Masonry Stone

Our masonry stone collection can meet the stone requirement of a wide range of architectural applications, including lakefront properties. We are a wholesale distributor of many leading brands and supply products for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. We buy and sell Dufferin® Plus Stone products on wholesale and balance of lot. You can call us to get veneer, cultured and decorative stones from reputable suppliers. We also offer screw on stone panels that add functionality and style to your property.

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Dufferin® Plus Stone

We buy and sell

Be.On Stone

St Denis Briques & Pierres-Bricks & Stones Inc offers the Be.On Stone panelized stone siding collection. You can make your new home or renovation project a success with these natural-looking stones. Here are some of the features that make Be.On Stone products stand out: 

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Be.On Stone products allow you to transform your space by reproducing the look of natural stones.

A picture showing a beautiful house with stone tiles

Easy to install

The panels are lightweight to allow easy installation and work with any building structure.

A picture showing modern house next to a big tree

Perfect added value

You can experience the distinctive appeal of the Be.On Stone which is more cost-effective as compared to other stone systems.

A picture showing a front view of a house

High performing

In addition to offering versatility and durability, the Be.On Stone products come with an integrated drain system for moisture protection.  

Buy Natural Stones

No matter what style and type of structure you are planning to build, we have options to suit your design expectations.

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