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Natural stone landscaping pathway in a garden
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Landscaping Supplies and Services in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec

A wide range of products goes into the regular maintenance and care of any lawn, landscape, or outdoor area. With our remarkable product inventory and installation services at St Denis Briques & Pierres-Bricks & Stones Inc in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec, you can look forward to installing an impressive landscape for your home, business, or institutional/government facility.


Whether you are only collecting trendy landscape ideas or need a quick supply of specific stones for your semi-finished hardscape, you can count on us to provide the right set of resources and services at every stage of your project. Call us to bring assistance, supplies, and even installation services to your job site.

Personalized Landscaping Services

In addition to supplying hardscaping materials like natural stones, concrete, gravels, brick pavers, and segmental wall blocks, we also provide hardscaping design and construction. Our professionals can custom-build structures to add beauty, function, and value to your outdoors. These include:

  • Privacy areas in your backyard

  • Driveway gravel and levelling

  • Stone patios

  • Stone walkways

  • Stone BBQ cribs

  • Surface rain (tiles installation residential)

  • And many more services

Take Your Pick from Top Brands

We bring you the finest product range from multiple brands so that every customer finds the styles, sizes, and designs most suitable for their projects.

Stone Patios

Add exquisite outdoor living space and increase the value of your home, business, or institution.

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