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Concrete seal work done on a pathway near a garden

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A paint roller applying surface protection with the help of concrete seal

Buy Concrete Sealers from Top Brands in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec

For a long-lasting finish, ultimate surface protection, and improved colour, St Denis Briques & Pierres-Bricks & Stones Inc is your source for high-quality concrete sealers in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec. We deal in sealers for a wide range of surface applications, including paving stone, natural stone, concrete, asphalt, wood, and floorings. 

The Seal King stone sealers we offer are composed of advanced, eco-friendly formulas that can strongly resist freeze/thaw cycles and prevent cracking, chipping, or colour fading. If you have damaged or faded concrete surfaces, you would want to try our sealers with curing properties to reduce the depreciation rate and prolong the life of your concrete surfaces. Call us to explore our range of sealers for varied surface applications.

Our Brands

Shop high-quality coatings and pigments for all kinds of concrete, natural stone, wood, and other surfaces. At St Denis Briques & Pierres-Bricks & Stones Inc, we sell products from some of the leading brands, such as:

Stef Coatings

We sell Stef coatings available in different textures and hundreds of colour options to match the specifications of your project. Our coating products are available as base coats, coloured primers, finish coats, and waterproofing.

Logo of Stef Coatings


We also carry the TexPro range of acrylic coatings to help you prepare, protect, repair, and beautify new or existing surfaces. Our products are available in a wide variety of colours and unmatched textures to suit every renovation and new construction project.

Logo of TexPro

Interstar Pigment

Choose the time-tested granular pigment products from Interstar. These products are made from pure iron oxide and are popularly used for the integral colouring of all kinds of cementitious materials, including concrete products and ready-mix concrete.

Logo of Interstar Pigment
Concrete & Stone sealer

Concrete and stone sealer


Stone Sealer


Stone protection


Asphalt protection


Wood protection


Concrete Cure and Seal

7_other-sealers-300x116 (1)_edited.jpg

Stucco sealer

Paving stone sealer

Paving stone sealer


Paving stone sealer


Polymeric sand

Get Your Concrete Sealer

Placing your order for our trusted concrete sealers is super easy. Our experts are ready to guide you on available varieties.

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