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High-efficiency Heating Stoves: Sale and Installation in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec

Are you planning to add a new high-efficiency heating stove to your home, office, institution, or industrial facility? Look no further than St Denis Briques & Pierres-Bricks & Stones Inc for certified wood, pellet, electric, and gas heating stoves in Hawkesbury, Ontario and also Quebec.


With a large inventory of stoves starting at $2,200.00 and pellet stove up to 50,000 BTU, our expert team is here to help you through the whole process, from purchase to installation and service. In addition to this, we sell all kinds of stove accessories and fireplaces for residential and commercial applications. We have a wide range of stoves and fireplaces available in stock. Reach out to us to explore our product catalogue and select the right-fit heating solution for your property.

Choose from Leading Brands

Find freestanding heating systems from leading brands at St Denis Briques & Pierres-Bricks & Stones Inc. Our products come in timeless designs and are highly energy efficient to add warmth to any size and type of space for reduced energy costs.

We sell a variety of gas, propane, wood, and electric fireplaces, as well as pellet and wood stoves. We also carry chimney accessories and offer installation as well as insurance certifications.

Vermont Casting

Stoves from Vermont Casting represent true American craftsmanship. Each stove is produced with attention to detail and immense pride in its rich heritage and craft. They provide an impeccable combination of timeless designs and furniture-quality finish across all its offerings: wood stoves, gas stoves, and wood inserts.

Logo of Vermont Castings

Nectre Bakers Oven

Enjoy the dual power of the heat produced from a single Nectre Bakers Oven unit to warm your indoors and cook meals. Fueled by real wood fire, this traditional style system integrates a stove top and a large oven to make your winter days warm, cozy, and delicious. Nectre Bakers Oven series features products in different sizes and styles to fit in your room.

Logo of Nectre

High-efficiency Fireplace


Astra 24 Clean Face


Astra 24 Traditional


Astra 32 Clean Face


Astra 32 Traditional


novo_18b (1).jpg

Novo 18


Novo 24


Novo 38



Fusion 18


Fusion 24



Wood Burning Fireplace 

Breckwell Pellet Stove

The pellet stoves from the Breckwell line bring you an amazing combination of comfort and charm. Each heating unit is designed to deliver top performance and excellent value year after year. The Breckwell pellet stoves are small enough to fit into all types of properties and still powerful enough to keep your whole home comfortably warm.

Logo of Breckwell Hearth

Gelco Stainless Chimney Caps

We specialize in the sale and installation of Gelco Stainless chimney caps. Gelco has pioneered a number of innovative products, such as steel chimney caps, easy-clean caps, and multi-flue chimney caps. It also introduced the flue-stretcher caps to remedy downdraft problems associated with chimneys installed at a lower height.

Logo of Gelco
Chimney caps

Other Stainless Chimney Caps

The Foundry is a Canadian company that has been building fireplace and hearth products for over 40 years.  Chief among their products, are ICC chimney and venting products that can be used for all fuel types.

Our Brands 

Enjoy consistent comfort throughout your property and peace of mind with reduced utility bills by upgrading to the most innovative heating solutions.

Golden Eagle 7000 Furnace

The Golden Eagle 700 Furnace is composed of a fire brick-lined firebox securely placed in an insulated metal cabinet. Its full glass door gives you a clear view of the fire burning inside. The unit produces enough heat to comfortably warm up an area of 2,500 square feet. This translates to a sharp drop in your monthly heating costs, even for the coldest winter months.

Golden Eagle 700 Furnace
Logo of Golden Eagle

Upgrade to Heating Stoves

Style, performance, and durability - our heating stoves ticks all your expectations. 

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